2016 Program

About the Fort Worth Boat Club Sailing Program

The Fort Worth Boat Club Jr. Sailing Program – provides recreational sailing as well as high level sailing instruction and coaching for motivated kids who want to get to the next level. We also provide an environment conducive to learning, safety, making friends and providing the passion for sailing that lasts a life-time. Our program is geared for young sailors who want to compete at the regional, national and international levels of sailing or just learn to race and learn to sail. In the summer months FWBC provides one of the most sought after Summer Sailing Programs for kids and in conjunction with the FWBC Sailing Team provides the finest instructors and coaches from around the globe to provide a world class sailing experience.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Fort Worth Boat Club Jr. Sailing Program – to develop knowledgeable youth dinghy racers and everyday sailors, with the goal to instill a passion for the sport of sailing. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun environment where young sailors can develop and refine their skills, learn good sportsmanship, build lifetime friendships and compete at the highest level of sailing. Fort Worth Boat Club recognizes that all of their sailors, whether they have a good or a bad day on the water, they are all winners.