Fort Worth Boat Club Jr Sailing Team finished the year for the TSA Circuit

November 7th, 2014 by admin

The Fort Worth Boat Club Jr Sailing Team finished the year for the TSA Circuit October 25th and 26th at Lakewood Yacht Club in the “End Of Year Regatta”. Lakewood did a fantastic job running the regatta with the very light conditions. At this event kids are recognized for all their hard work, dedication and traveling. At the banquet FWBC’s Alex Schwinn won the TSA Scholarship Award for being an excellent scholar and representative of Texas Jr. Sailing over the years. We are all proud of Alex! Christophe Chaumont was also a superstar by winning the Laser 4.7 Class and finishing 2nd overall for the year! Way to go Christophe! This was his first year in the Laser. The rest of the Team showed major Improvement from the last event and should be very proud of their efforts. From where we started this summer to now, we have had a lot of great sailing and learning. While we continue to work on our skills and sail winter events, next year we will hit the TSA Circuit Strong. I cant wait for next year! I would definately say that this is one of the best events from a team standpoint. Everyone pitched in, kids had a blast and there was a great vibe within the team. I would also like to say a very special thank you to all the parents for making this event a great one. Alex Schwinn did a great job coaching the RWB Fleet. Mike Schwinn made a guest appearance as coach for Jeff Progelhoff on the Green Fleet as coach. Thank you Mike! Thank you Kim and Anthony Chaumont for getting this all started.

Results are below:

Laser Radial
1st Place Christophe Chaumont

Laser Radial
17th Sara Taylor

Opti RWB
9th Trey Leathers
27th Lucia Rezevic
36th Jackson Cobb
37th Max Nilsson
38th Lindsay Campbell
42nd Olivia Chaumont
44th Anthony Ceplecha

Opti Green
6th Ben Gair
12th Reid Johnson
19th Justin Leathers