Club Leadership

Our Mission:

The Fort Worth Boat Club is to advance the community’s knowledge, enjoyment and participation in boating and the nautical arts through its facilities and programs.

Board of Governors  
Commodore Philip Schutts (18)
Vice Commodore Craig Johnson (20)
Rear Commodore E. Mark Smith (19)
Governor John Hardesty (18)
Governor Marc Nilsson (18)
Governor Craig DeWitt (19)
Governor Michael Winfrey (19)
Governor Matt Talton (20)
Governor Michael Bornitz (20)
Executive Committee  
Past Commodore Reese Hillard
Past Commodore Les Miller
Past Commodore Rick Schaffer
Past Commodore Michael Schwinn
Ambassador at Large  
O. L. Pitts, Member Emeritus  
Advisor to the Board  
Brant Briggs