The Harbor Report: Dredging the Harbor

April 2nd, 2015 by admin

As discussed in the Annual Meeting last November, there are big changes to be taking place in the harbor. The Harbor Committee has been working on a long term strategy to resolve the ongoing fluctuation in the water levels at our club. The goal is to serve our membership by providing a safe and deep water harbor going into the future. This is a multi-step process and the physical work is now finally beginning.

• During the end of 2014, the Harbor started the application process for the 4 required permits necessary for us to dredge. We have begun to receive the approvals. As a result, we have been able to sign a contract with a floating dredging company what will begin dredging in the motor harbor.

• The New Year began with the removal of Boat Houses 4 and 5. The slips within these boat houses were too small to service most of the new power boats that are joining our club. The goal is to replace these slips with larger slips for both cruisers and recreational boats. We are currently evaluating the demand for different sized boat slips so that we know what type of new boat slips to purchase. If you desire to lease a slip from your club and Please contact the harbor via email: to get on the wait list. We are going to make every effort to accommodate all people that request boat slips.

IMG_0353Demo Break Water (2)Demo Break Water (3)IMG_0354

• Also during the beginning of this year, we have been evaluating whether to repair our current break water wall or replace it with a floating break water wall system. The value in the floating system is in the ability for the harbor to chase water during fluctuating lake levels, thus allowing the harbor to keep the boats of members at the club. In addition, this system will provide a safe location for people to sail in high weather days, a more overall appealing harbor, and lower long term maintenance cost. During the month of March the club will have three different floating systems for demo in front of our club. Please take a look at what is going on in the Harbor.
2015 is looking to be a very busy year in the harbor with lots of work to be done. Thanks for your patience while we are working to get it done as most efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Governors Paul Bregenzer & Craig Johnson