Club J/22s

Members of the Fort Worth Boat Club have access to a fleet of 10 equally matched J/22 sailboats. The boats have enabled local sailors to hone their fleet, team and match racing skills in regular practice, weekly series and regattas. These boats are used on Wednesday night fleet racing from March to October of each year. Our best skippers from across all of the fleets come out to race in these boats. The boats are also used for adult sailing classes and local, regional and national regattas. Mariner, Junior and Resident members who are qualified may check out a J/22 for racing or pleasure sailing.

Club-owned boats for the members’ use have long been part of the club’s heritage beginning with a fleet of Minnows in the twenties, Longhorns in the thirties, Rhodes 19’s in the sixties, Santana 20’s in the eighties and the J/22’s since the mid-nineties. This is a benefit that few yacht clubs have. Please contact the fleet captain at or the junior sailing director if you have interest in sailing J/22’s.