Sailing Camper Rules of Behavior
and Policies

Congratulations! You have decided to participate in one of the best Summer Camps in the country. We are dedicated to provide you with a safe and fun experience. Sailing is a great sport and we are passionate about kids learning how to sail and making friends. We have created policies and procedures for the kids to abide by for their safety and to maximize the enjoyment for all involved. All campers and parents must read and sign this document so all rules and policies are understood.

  1. All campers must wear a life jacket near or on the water, docks, and sailboats.
  2. All campers must wear foot wear at all times except in the pool.
  3. All campers must listen to and follow the directions of the coaches at all times.
  4. All campers will pick up after themselves and keep the property clean.
  5. All campers will take care of and respect the Club property, boats and equipment. All equipment will be put away properly. Intentionally crashing boats will not be tolerated.
  6. All campers are responsible for their own stuff. Have a bag to keep stuff organized.
  7. All campers must have a reusable water bottle.
  8. All campers will respect the property of other campers. If something doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it, borrow it or take it.
  9. When riding in any of the Fort Worth Boat Club Power Boats all parts of your body will be kept inside the boat.
  10. There will be NO Foul Language.
  11. There will be NO Bullying, Fighting, Pushing, Name Calling or treating anyone with disrespect. We are here to make friends and have fun.
  12. If a camper is having a problem with another camper, bring it to the attention to a coach or parent of the day immediately.
  13. Any Camper who brings harm to or hurts another camper intentionally, will be asked to leave the camp with NO Refunds.
  14. All campers must stay in designated areas assigned by the coaches. No wandering off.
  15. All Campers must get permission to use the bathroom.
  16. All Campers must check in and out every day before leaving the property.
  17. All Campers will re-apply sunscreen at lunch or during any break in the day.

I have read the policies and behavior guidelines above. I will abide by the rules and polices stated above and understand that they are created for the safety and enjoyment for all participating in the Fort Worth Boat Club Summer Sailing Camp.