High School Regatta


Schedule of Events

Saturday, October 28th

  • 0830 – 0900
    Continental Breakfast
  • 0900 – 0930
    Check in/Rigging
  • 1000
    Mandatory Competitors Meeting
  • 1045
    Warning gun.  Racing throughout the day
  • Lunch during rotations……
  • After Racing:  Dinner provided by FWBC

Sunday, October 29th

  • 0830
    Continental Breakfast
  • 0900
    Report Time
  • 1000
    Warning gun first race
  • 1400
    No race will start after 1400

Important Information

Event Information & Eligibility

The 2017 Inaugural FWBC High School Regatta is a SEISA Level 3: Open Regatta (8th – 12th grade only)
A maximum of 12 teams may register in A/B Division format. However, if the conditions warrant a switch to one fleet, the OA will do so. A team is comprised of no fewer than two (2) or more than four (4) sailors who are full time students in the school they represent. Registration is first come, first serve in accordance with the SEISA district rules. The Regatta Chairperson shall date and time stamp all registrations. Multiple teams from a single high school may be allowed.

All competing schools registering for this regatta are encouraged to be members in good standing with ISSA and SEISA. Eighth grade students ARE eligible to compete.  Seventh grade students or below are not eligible to compete. Competing sailors for each team must be accompanied by a designated adult chaperone, who may be an advisor, coach, or parent. As registrations are received, the Regatta Chairman shall notify the person identified on the registration as the Team Representative that a registration has been received, when it was received and whether or not the registration is complete or incomplete.  Additionally, the Regatta Chairman shall post a list of entries on the Fort Worth Boat Club website.

  • Regatta Chairman is David Taylor.
    All written communications shall be made to the Regatta Chairman at:Davidtaylor5200@att.net
    817-291-8786Fort Worth Boat Club
    10000 Boat Club Road
    Fort Worth, Texas 76179

Entry Information

Entry Fee

  • There will be a $25 entry fee per sailor for this regatta.
  • A $500 damage deposit is required. However, as stated in the waiver all sailors are required to complete, sailors assume the responsibility to pay for any damage to FWBC boats caused by their actions.
  • Make two (2) checks: one for the entry fee and one for the damage deposit payable to the Fort Worth Boat Club.

Entry and Communication

Eligible schools must enter by fully completing an online registration form before midnight Wednesday October 25th.  Additionally, liability release forms executed by their parents or legal guardians will be required of all sailors at or before site check-in on October 28, 2017. 


Guest Privileges: Families may secure temporary guest membership for the duration of the regatta weekend.  Temporary guest membership entitles one to eat/drink in the clubhouse.  Please inquire at the FWBC office.


A Continental breakfast and make your own Lunch will be provided for sailors for both Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a BBQ dinner provided at FWBC Saturday night.  Meals for coach or parent administrator are included in team fees. Guests are encouraged to obtain a TEMPORARY GUEST MEMBERSHIP. Contact the regatta chairman for details.  All sailors are requested to bring their own refillable water bottles.


Club Casual is preferred at all times inside the Clubhouse; however, sailing clothing
always acceptable.  No one is permitted in the clubhouse without a shirt and shoes.


  • The regatta will be sailed in FJ’s provided by FWBC
  • Standing Rigging may not be adjusted by sailors, this includes shrouds, forestays, and luff wires on jibs.  Competitors may tape any area of the boat.  Mainsheets may be used at 4:1 or 3:1.



US Coast Guard approved type III or V life jackets must be worn while on boats at all times except for a brief period of time in order to add or remove clothing.

Except for team pinnies, life jackets shall be worn outside of all clothing.  Pinnies are encouraged, but not required at this event.

Race Area

The race area will be on Eagle Mountain Lake in the near vicinity of the Fort Worth Boat Club.  Rotations will occur off the junior sailing dock at the FWBC.


The Race Committee will determine courses in accordance with ISSA Procedural Rules 7.7.


The regatta will be scored using ISSA Procedural Rules. There will be no throw outs. Protest procedures will be per ISSA Procedural Rules.


Competitors may receive coaching, including instruction, assistance, equipment or sustenance, only while on shore or location on the water to be designated at the Competitors’ Meeting.  Spectators are permitted to go on the water, but must remain outside the course and start area. All personnel are encouraged and expected to render assistance to any boat in need, regardless of Team. [Modifies ISSA PR 8(a)].


The race will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing   2017-2020, the Prescriptions of US SAILING, the ISSA Procedural Rules, the SEISA District Rules, this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. The Organizing Authority (OA) is the Fort Worth Boat Club, in conjunction with SEISA.


No competitor shall use, either on or off the water, marijuana or any other controlled substance (as defined in 21 U.S. Code 802) the possession of which is unlawful under 21 U.S. Code 841, or alcoholic beverages (distilled spirits, wine and beer, each as defined in chapter 51 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and intended for beverage use). An alleged breach of this procedural rule shall not be grounds for a protest. However, when a report is received from any source alleging such a breach, a protest committee consisting of the regatta chairperson, a member of the ISSA Board of Directors and the chairperson of the protest committee shall follow the process described in RRS 69.1. If a hearing under RRS 69.1 is held, a competitor found to have breached this procedural rule shall be excluded from the remaining races of the series and, where practicable, removed from the regatta venue and sent home. Additional penalties consistent with RRS 69.1(b) may be imposed on the competitor or the competitor’s team.


Local hotels (within 5-10 miles from FWBC) are listed below:

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lake
3541 Northwest Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76135
(866) 573-4235

Best Western Plus Lake Worth Inn & Suites
3920 Boat Club Road
Lake Worth, TX 76135
(866) 678-6350

Comfort Suites at Lake Worth
5825 Quebec Street
Fort Worth, TX 76135
(866) 767-0278

La Quinta Inn & Suites Ft. Worth – Lake Worth
5800 Quebec Street
Fort Worth, TX 76135
(817) 237-9300