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Fort Worth Boat Club in the Spotlight: Hosting the 2023 Texas Challenge Cup

We're thrilled to share a recently released article from Sail World that spotlights the Texas Challenge Cup happening right here at Fort Worth Boat Club this weekend (December 9-10).

"When it comes to determining the fastest gun amongst yacht club teams in the Lone Star State, the Texas Yacht Club Challenge Cup sounds like a good speed check. The event is being organized and hosted this year by Fort Worth Boat Club (FWBC), and is open to the first ten teams—each representing an invited yacht club—to register" - Sailing World.

We're incredibly proud to be hosting this prestigious event and can't wait to see the top yacht club teams from across Texas compete on Eagle Mountain Lake. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the start of the races.

Come join us in cheering on the teams. Let's make this a memorable event for all! 🎉⛵️

Read the full article here:

Texas Challenge Cup - Regatta Page:

NOR, SI’s, Charter Agreement, Registration:

Texas Sailing Association Page:


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