How early should I sign up for the Fort Worth Boat Club Jr. Program?

As soon as possible

How old do I need to be?

Ages 7-14 will typically sail in Opti’s, progressing to either Laser or 420 from about 14 years old. A Laser is a great boat for an older kid to learn to sail in.

What are TSA Regatta Coaching Fees?

They are fees charged to offset the cost of having Coaches and Coach Boats at Regattas. 

Coaching fees are $45 for FWBC members & $55 for non-members a day plus expenses.

The amount you pay for expenses are based on how many team members attend the regattas to share the costs.

What are my payment options for Practice Sessions?

Check or Club Membership #. Registration Form and Medical Form must be filled out prior to participation. If you are a non FWBC member you may charge fee’s to your home club.

Is my child ready to travel outside of Texas for Regattas?

The answer is yes. If sailing is the sport he or she loves then kids can compete at the USODA level of sailing.

99% of the regattas have a Green Fleet. I’ve been to regattas where there were over 90 Green Fleeter’s on the starting line.

How will other sports Conflict with Sailing? 

Sailing is a sport like any other sport. If you don’t practice you don’t get better. 

Sailing is a primary sport and not a hobby. Our sailors are considered athletes and are preparing to achieve their short term and long term goals. All takes lots of work.

Sailing is very time consuming between practices and traveling to regattas. It requires a heavy commitment from the parents.  If you treat sailing like a secondary sport, it's likely your child will not succeed at the higher levels of sailing.  

What if my child isn’t interested in racing?

Sailing is a lifetime sport and your children will be able to do it all their lives.

Our summer classes serve this purpose. We have a great Summer Program that is dedicated to teaching all kids to sail and have fun with sailing. During the summer months when the water is warm and comfortable kids have the opportunity learn to sail and enjoy the water and have fun.

Does FWBC offer supervision after class?

No, please make sure your kids are picked up or supervised promptly after class ends.