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The Race of Champions

The 2022 Fort Worth Boat Club Race of Champions will be held on Eagle Mountain Lake on Saturday December 3rd, 2022. The event will be using the FWBC J22 Fleet boats.

The race will be raced using FWBC's J22s. The contenders will comprise: 

  1.  Overall winner of 2022 Weekend Racing as fleet Champion for Spin 1 - 3 Gen 1 - 3 for The weekend series consisting of the 2022 Marigail, Roadie, Hub Isaacs, Summer, Paki and Blue Moon (race 4) series.

  2. Overall winner of J22 Wednesday evening series.

  3. Fleet / Division Winner of FWBC 2022 Annual Regatta

  4. Winner of a US National Class Championship.

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