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Junior Team FAQ's

How old does my child need to be to enroll in the junior racing program? 

FWBC’s junior sailing team is open to kids ages 8-18. Typically, younger kids sail Optimists (Optis), progressing to either Lasers or Flying Juniors (FJs) as they get older or enter high school.  

What are TSA Regatta coaching fees? 

They are fees charged to the participants to offset the cost of having coaches and coach boats at regattas. Coaching fees are $45-$55 a day, plus expenses. Members of FWBC receive the discounted rate and the amount you pay for expenses is based on the number of sailors traveling with the team. 

What are my payment options for the racing program? 

Check, Credit Card or FWBC Club Charge. *All required forms must be filed out completely before participation. 

What if my child isn’t interested in racing? 

If racing does not peak your child’s interest, FWBC offers great summer programs geared towards teaching children to sail while having fun and furthering their knowledge of the sport.  

What should my sailor bring to practices? 

All sailors should bring their lifejacket, reusable water bottle, sunscreen, and notebook and pen. To ensure the safety of all sailors on the water, sailors should bring the appropriate sailing gear for the forecasted weather conditions. Sailors should also have appropriate footwear and clothing for a fitness session during every practice.  

How will communications about practices and regattas be given? 

All junior race team communications will be through the FWBC Slack. Once you are registered for our program, you will be sent an invite to the FWBC Slack and the private Junior Sailing Slack channel. Email Coach Val if you need access or have questions about Slack.

What is the fitness training during the racing program?

Building strength and flexibility are essential parts of high-performance sailing. All sailors should come to each practice prepared to work out.

Are lunches provided? 

Lunches are not provided so please bring a packed lunch. Sailors who are FWBC Members or have a guest membership may order a to-go lunch from the club if it is placed at the beginning of practice.  

Does my child need their own sailboat? 

For the advanced racers (RWB Opti and Laser programs) owning their own boat is required. For our green fleet program, FWBC has club owned Optis that beginner sailors may use until they are ready to commit to owning their own sailboat.  

How is winter sailing different? 

Winter sailing is subject to cancellations more frequently due to harsher weather conditions. Winter sailing requires the appropriate foul weather gear, and sailors without the appropriate gear in the view of the instructor/coach are subject to remaining onshore. Our program not only encompasses on the water training but also on shore training including fitness sessions, racing tactics and strategy sessions, team bonding, and performing boat maintenance. When weather or colder temperatures keep us off the water, on shore training will take place.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. 

Sailing Director - Ryan Shubin (

Lead Coach - Valerie Herrscher (

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