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The Commodore's Party

Dear Fort Worth Boat Club Friends, Family, and Members,

Krissy and I want to thank you for sharing the evening with us last week at the Commodore’s Cruise party. We hope you enjoyed the amazing creations by Chef Aubrey and his team as much as we did, as well as the Casino, cigar roller on the Commodore’s Deck, the music from the jazz band and the DJ, and finally the karaoke room where memories were made.

Our new club is an incredible venue, and it was a night that we will always remember, made possible by all of you who came to join us. Krissy and I would like to thank our Entertainment Committee for all that they have done this year. Cindy Bradley, Krista Karov, and Alicia Peacey, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the inspiring touches brought to the table to create event after event this year. Fellow members, please thank them when you get the chance – this is one of the most talented and hardest working groups of members in our club. We also want to thank the house staff who hit every note just right, Casey and the harbor staff for working all week on setup, and Esther, David, Darnell, and Greg for their leadership, preparation, planning and support.

In Sincere Gratitude,

Krissy and John Hardesty


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