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Back to School Bash

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the Back to School Bash! Daniel taught a lot of you how to shoot a bow and arrow, which resulted in mostly friendly fire. The girls let their inner Katniss come out and they did not hold back... several boys stood nervously on the sidelines not wanting to get in the line of fire - and we don't blame them.

Captain Ron was a hit as people waded in the pool enjoying snow cones and specialty drinks from the Tiki Bar. A big thank you to Krissy Hardesty for bringing the flashing RAVE supplies!

The night ended with a beautiful view of the lake and some much needed fellowship. Thank you all for helping us launch the school year off with a bang. I'm sure many of you shed some tears as the little ones went back to school, while the rest of us....



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