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Candle Pouring Class - May 15

Hosted by clean, coastal-inspired fragrance company, Malibu Apothecary, guests can create their very own custom candle! You can choose your own vessel and scent with complimentary gift wrapping! INCLUDING

  • candle container

  • gift wrapping

  • custom essential oil-infused scents

Create, combine, and choose your favorite scents while learning the basics of fragrance composition. After you've whipped up your new favorite fragrance oil, I'll show you the process of how to create a candle. Each guest will get to choose their container from a selection of colorful vessels. Then you will mix your fragrance with warm wax, stir, pour, and wait to cure! While the candles cure, we will explain the differences between clean and toxic fragrances + a brief history of the art and science of perfumery, as well as our brand story!

Thank you,

Fort Worth Boat Club


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