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Winter Weather Forces Cancellation of Marigail Race #2 at Fort Worth Boat Club

Stay updated on the weather and discover essential resources for winter boating in Fort Worth, Texas

2024 Marigail Weekend Series - Race #2

We regret to inform you that due to the inclement winter weather conditions, Marigail Race #2 scheduled to take place at Fort Worth Boat Club has been canceled. The safety of our participants and volunteers is of utmost importance, and we believe it is essential to prioritize their well-being during extreme weather conditions.

Today's weather forecast for Fort Worth is as follows:

  • Morning: Temperature around 13°F (-10.5°C) with a 0% chance of rain.

  • Afternoon: Temperature around 19°F (-7.2°C) with a 0% chance of rain.

  • Evening: Temperature around 17°F (-8.3°C) with a 0% chance of rain.

  • Overnight: Temperature around 13°F (-10.5°C) with a 15% chance of rain,

The Marigail series is currently taking place at Fort Worth Boat Club over the next several weekends. The racing season kicked off on Sunday, January 7, with the Marigail Race #1. This series consists of six races with two discards.

  • Race #1: January 7 - PRO: Martin P. - Results Posted

  • Race #2: January 14 - PRO: Rick S. - Race Canceled, Winter Weather

  • Race #3: January 21 - PRO: Mark W. S.

  • Race #4: January 28 - PRO: Matt T.

  • Race #5: February 5 - PRO: Michael W.

  • Race #6: February 11 - PRO: Dwight H.

To register for the Marigail Weekend Series and explore upcoming events, results, and race documents, please visit our Club Racing Page.

Fort Worth Boat Club, established in 1929, is a prestigious private sailing club located on the scenic shores of Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, Texas. As an active sailing community, we understand the impact that winter weather can have on our racing events. Winter sailing is subject to cancellations more frequently due to harsher weather conditions, and it is crucial to be prepared with appropriate foul weather gear.

Now, let's take a quick look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days in Fort Worth, Texas:

  • January 15, 2024: Expect partly cloudy skies with a high of 52°F (11°C) and a low of 34°F (1°C). Winds will be light, around 5-10 mph.

  • January 16, 2024: Anticipate mostly sunny conditions throughout the day, with a high of 56°F (13°C) and a low of 37°F (3°C). Winds will remain light, at approximately 5-10 mph.

In addition to the Marigail series, the Roadie Series is up next, consisting of six races with two discards. Mark your calendars for these upcoming Roadie races:

  • Race #1: February 18 - PRO: Matt A.

  • Race #2: February 25 - PRO: Marc N.

  • Race #3: March 3 - PRO: Glenn D.

  • Race #4: March 10 - PRO: Bryan D.

  • Race #5: March 17 - PRO: James M.

  • Race #6: March 24 - PRO: Edwin Y.

If you're interested in learning more about Fort Worth Boat Club and local boating opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us at or visit our Membership Page for more information.

At Fort Worth Boat Club, we offer a wide range of boating resources that cater to both experienced and novice individuals and families. Our community fosters a network of resources that enable you to fully enjoy activities such as cruising the lake, engaging in water sports with your kids, and embarking on sailing adventures throughout the year. Whether you're interested in sailing lessons, a place to store your boat, or looking for memorable summer camp experiences, you'll find something you love here.

Fort Worth Boat Club is dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive boating community. We invite you to discover all the incredible opportunities that await you here.

Be sure to check the Fort Worth Boat Club website for any updates or changes to the schedule or events.



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