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Fort Worth Boat Club at Nolan Catholic High School's Open House: Celebrating the Spirit of Sailing

Greetings, Fort Worth Boat Club community! We're thrilled to report on our participation in the recent open house at Nolan Catholic High School. This event provided a wonderful platform for organizations like ours to showcase our programs and recruit prospective students. We were there in full support of the Nolan Viking Sailing Club, and the response was fantastic.

Did you know that Nolan has a sailing team? True to their Viking spirit, they certainly do. The Nolan Catholic Vikings are the only registered high school sailing team in North Texas. But we anticipate this changing soon, as several other schools and districts have

expressed interest in establishing their own teams. The high school sailing program, hosted by Fort Worth Boat Club, is not just for high schoolers; it's also open to 7th and 8th graders. This early start prepares them well for when they officially compete in high school. Our 8th graders even get to travel to regattas, a term used to describe a series of boat races. These exciting events are hosted throughout Texas and beyond (New Orleans is a perennial favorite).

If you're in high school or in 7th and 8th grade and curious about our sailing program, we encourage you to connect with our team administrators. These dedicated volunteers started out knowing nothing about the program or the Club, and now, they are some of our most enthusiastic recruiters. They can offer a parent's perspective, which we believe many will find valuable. You'll find their contact information below.

Sailing is more than just an exhilarating activity or a competitive sport; it's a lifelong pursuit that holds the potential to shape character and foster personal growth. The benefits of young people learning to sail are abundant, extending far beyond the deck of a boat.

Benefits of sailing:

  • Mastery of Risk and Responsibility: When children learn to sail, they also learn about risk-taking and responsibility. Navigating waters can be unpredictable, teaching kids to make calculated decisions under pressure and accept responsibility for those choices.

  • Cultivating Communication and Teamwork: Sailing necessitates effective communication. Whether it's understanding signals or coordinating with a team, sailing builds excellent communication and teamwork skills.

  • Enhanced Spatial Awareness: Sailing instills a heightened sense of one's surroundings. Steering a boat requires keen spatial awareness, which can translate into improved coordination in other areas of life.

  • Weather Wisdom: One unique benefit of sailing is that it provides hands-on weather education. Young sailors learn to observe and interpret weather indicators like cloud formations and wind direction, enhancing their understanding of nature and environmental science.

  • Life Skills and Self-Discovery: Sailing is a journey of self-discovery that teaches life skills in an engaging and practical way. It nurtures creativity, confidence, determination, and independence.

  • Physical and Mental Health Benefits: The act of sailing offers both physical and mental health benefits. It's an outdoor activity that provides a full-body workout while also promoting mental wellbeing due to its therapeutic qualities.

  • STEM Learning Opportunities: Our Youth Sailing Programs are rich environments for STEM learning. Every time a student steps into a boat, pulls the tiller, or trims a sail, they are engaging with principles of physics, engineering, and environmental science.

Indeed, sailing is a unique sport that promotes a diverse range of skills and knowledge. It's not just about learning to navigate the waters; it's about navigating life with confidence, resilience, and a sense of adventure.

The cost for the inaugural season of the program is $125 per semester, and for the following seasons, it's $250. Returning sailors pay $250 per season. Practices take place either on Saturdays or Sundays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Practice is held at Fort Worth Boat Club, located on beautiful Eagle Mountain Lake.

Address: 10000 Boat Club Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76179

For more information about the high school sailing program, please contact:

Denice Boettcher - Sailing Program Moderator

Phone: (817) 805-4266 | Email:

Colleen Valenti - Sailing Program Moderator

Phone: (732) 397-4000 | Email:


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